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"Emerging research indicates that the public has reservations about biotechnology patents and feels that industry involvement may compromise credibility…. Governance schemes should be developed that recognize and protect the public interest." - Timothy Caulfield, writing in Nature Biotechnology


Timothy Caulfield, LL.M., analyzes the impact of gene patents on health care and health policy. He is the Research Director of Health Law at the University of Alberta. In 2002, he received a Canada research Chair in Health Law and Policy. Additionally, Caulfield is a professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health. He has been a visiting scholar at the Hastings Center for Bioethics in New York, the University of Houston's Health Law and Policy Institute, and Stanford University's Program in Genomics, Ethics and Society. The Canadian government has called upon him to serve on national advisory committees relating to health research, biotechnology, social policy, and genetics ethics. Caulfield completed both his B.Sc. and LL.B. degrees at the University of Alberta, and his LL.M. at Dalhousie University.

Along with Bryn Williams-Jones, Caulfield is the author of The Commercialization of Genetic Research - Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues, published by Springer (1999). Caulfield is also the author of more than 100 scholarly articles and book chapters.

Selected Publications:

Timothy Caulfield and Tania Bubela, "Why a Criminal Ban?: Analyzing the Arguments Against Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in the Canadian Parliamentary Debate," 7 Am. J. of Bioethics 51 (2007).

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Timothy Caulfield and Richard Gold, "The Moral Tollbooth: A Method that Makes Use of the Patent System to Address Ethical Concerns in Biotechnology," 359 Lancet 2268-70 (2002).

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